About Us


We cook!


Les Marmitons is a gastronomic social club of gentlemen who share a common interest in fine food, wine and the culinary arts. Through regular gatherings, members gain knowledge and experience in the preparation and presentation of various fine cuisines under the direction a recognized chef invited to lead the event.


The word “marmiton” is French and means a kitchen boy, or chef’s helper. The first North American Chapter of Les Marmitons was established in Montreal in 1977. Since then, the interest in learning more about fine cuisine has led to the founding of over a dozen additional Chapters throughout Canada and the United States.


Each chapter of Les Marmitons holds a minimum of eight regular monthly events each year. These are usually weekday evening gatherings during which members prepare and enjoy a four to six course gastronomic experience under the direction and guidance of an invited chef.


Members may invite a guest to attend any of the regular events of the Chapter. After having attended three regular monthly events, a prospective member may be inducted into Les Marmitons. Upon acceptance for membership, a new member will pay a nominal New Member Fee and receive the Les Marmitons uniform jacket, hat and medallion.


Teams of members are formed and each team prepares one of the courses and serves it to the members and guest chef. During preparation, the chef moves throughout the kitchen providing guidance to each team. Team members for one course also have ample opportunity to learn the techniques and special preparation tips for the other courses.


A typical regular event of Les Marmitons begins around six, the major preparation is completed by 8:30, and at the end of the meal, the guest chef provides his final summation and members show their appreciation of the chef. A quick clean-up brings the evening to a close about eleven o’clock.